Friday, 9 March 2018

Aves [Week 6]

Another nice easy block for week 6... just tiny rotary cut pieces, some flying geese and a couple of quarter-square triangles. I picked ou the fabrics on the Sunday. On the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday it snowed. A lot. How appropriate!

The Angel of the North in the Snow for Flying Birds.

Week 7 is a stinker....I haven't made it yet!

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Fancy Forest Quilt: Bunnies

Having spent a lot of last year making blocks for various Fancy Forest quilts, I've found that I've lost momentum. I still really want a full size Fancy Forest quilt, but I'm accepting a slightly slower pace. I've already completed the foxes, and now I've got bunnies.

Next up are the Hedgehogs - they are cut and ready, and then the owls - fabric is selected. But also, Awesome Ocean starts soon - do I stick with the slow-moving Fancy Forest or do I make a start on the Awesome Ocean - this is a totally new pattern for me and may be more inspiring.


Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Aves [Week 5]

Well thank goodness.... after week 4's Aves block, Week 5 was a dream! This is Wild Goose Chase.

Admittedly, some of the pieces are quite tiny. But definitely not the smallest we played with in the 365 quilt. The biggest challenge for me was finding a purple print I could fussy-cut to go in the "large" centre square (3" finished). I dug this piece of Tula out of the back of my stash and I'm quite pleased with it... note to self - more purple fussy-cuttable fabrics are required!

Monday, 26 February 2018

A rather imperfect Stitchy Pie

Back at our February meet up of the North East Modern Quilt Guild, we decided to make  up Stitchy-Pies as a group - it was a pattern a few of our members had expressed an interest in, and a couple of people had the wherewithall for adding kam-snaps, so we all bought the pattern from the lovely @charmaboutyou and set a date.

I am quite lazy, I'm not going to lie. So I generally take hand-sewing to guild so I don't have to lug my machine and associated stuff. As such, I decided to make up my Stitchy-Pie the night before: that way I had a finished one to show anyone who was interested, and for reference to see how it folded up. And also to warn against any errors.... by which I mean my errors, not errors in the pattern, because there aren't any!

The pattern is so easy to follow. I skipped the embroidery because I had a funky pineapple fabric I was desperate to use, and within an hour I had a Stitchy-Pie in need of some hand-sewing - another hour later and it was finished. If we could all please ignore the slightly off-centre felt inside - I'm not quite sure how that happened.

Remember I said I was lazy? Well that was my user error - the Stitchy-pie is finished off with bias binding, which if you pin it, like the pattern says, will lie beautifully. But if you don't pin it, like I didn't, when you add it, it stretches. And then you have a Stitchy-Dish rather than a Stitchy-Pie.... a considerably amount of tender loving pressing (and steam) later and it is now flatter, if not flat!

It's a lovely little needlecase, and, made correctly, would make a great gift for a sewer! My advice - don't rush, and don't take shortcuts!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Two-in-One Pouch [A Finish]

Just after Christmas, the #stitchedsewingorganizerssal kicked off again and the first project back was the two-in-one pouch. Whilst I haven't taken part every week, this was one of the projects I wanted to make since the start, but I decided it would make a great gift for my Mother-in-law - we bought her a subscription to the Mandolin quilt for her birthday, so this is a fitting gift to go with it.

This little pouch called for vinyl, double-fold binding, and a magnetic snap. I'm getting the hang of the vinyl. I have developed a deep hatred for double-fold binding, and it was my first time using a magnetic snap. The problem with double fold binding, especially on vinyl, is keeping my seam allowance consistent on the slippy vinyl, which means my corners aren't great... And with this partiucular project, I'd like you all to ignore the fact that the lining fabric is upside down... speaking of fabric, the outside of the pouch is a peacock feather print from Palais Jardin by Robert Kaufman, the lining is Riley Blake and the binding is Lecien.

This was actually my first finish of the quarter for the Finish Along, but I've had to save the blogging until now, because it was a gift. The birthday is now gone, so I can share. You can find my original Finish Along list here.

Marci Girl Designs

Monday, 19 February 2018

Aves [week 4]

So I mentioned something about week 3 being back in the comfort zone.... well week 4 blew that comfort zone out of the water! I have to confess when I first looked at it, it scared me, and it's not often a patchwork block does that. But this innocent looking 6" block came complete with templates, y seams and curves! That's a lot to fit into a small block!

I spent all week wondering how to do it. Do I sew it by machine, or do I make myself some EPP templates, or do I sew it by hand (without papers). Or do I do what some have done and just applique those leaves? On Sunday afternoon I put on my big-girl panties and just got on with it. By machine. And whilst it took me a couple of hours, and a few seams did spend time with the seam ripper, overall I'm quite pleased with it. I'm certainly pleased that it is done. And even more pleased that week 5 looks straightforward!

This block is part of the Aves Quilt - a block of the week pattern designed by Kathy Kerr of Green Avenue Quilts.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Curve Motion Medallion: Month 1

I'm on a bit of an EPP kick this year so far. I've started the Mandolin Quilt and the Tula Nova quilt, I'm still working on Ice Cream Soda and Round We go, and I'm also paper piecing some of my Farmers Wife blocks... but this new EPP project is a bit different.... it's curved EPP.

Doesn't it look smart in its box! This is the Curve Motion Medallion designed by Louisa at Sew Motion. Every month she sends templates for curved EPP, some lovely Alison Glass fabric, and for this first month we got a glue pen too. Next month's installment and then ongoing also comes with the background fabric you need and it's perfect for quilt as you go! In 16 months time I'll have a quilt. In theory.

The first month is the centre of the quilt and is made up of two rings: a smaller pinky-purple one...

And a much larger blue one.

This is the first time that I have done much curved EPP (I've done a little for my much-neglected Dear Jane), and I've been using flat-back-stitch instead of whip stitch. I was a little apprehensive when I started but that pink ring went together beautifully - it was far quicker than I expected and the stitch was far easier than I expected. The blue ring, which is the largest in the quilt, inevitably took a lot longer. It did seem to be endless, if I'm honest. But I know next month we're back to the smaller rings!

If you want to sign up, then head over to Sew Motion's website!