Sunday, 3 October 2010

September's Work

Another month is over and a few more projects have been completed. I haven't finished as much this month as some other months, but larger projects have been started and not yet finished, plus I spent a week working on a secret project for Debbie from Letters Tied With Blue.... more information will come, but not yet.

The first thing to show you is a bit of a cheat, because I actually stitched it whilst on holiday in Sidmouth in August, but I only mounted and finished it off today: it's a small picture of swallow in a tattoo style that was originally a cover kit on cross stitcher. Instead of stitching it on the provided 14hpi fabric it stitched it on 22hpe hardanger fabric to minimise the pixalated effect. I've stitched it for Steph's birthday, so hopefully she doesn't look at this blog, cause she won't actually get the card till Tuesday!

It was Natasja and Ruben's wedding last weekend (I stitched the hardanger ring pillow for them), so I stitched a wedding card. It was a design downloaded from Creative Poppy Patterns and was designed by Faby Reilly. The design is stitched on 28hpi white evenweave in DMC threads, included variegated and metallic and embellished with three gold beads. It also included to speciality sticthes, and although the majority of the design was cross stitche, back stitch and half cross stitch, there was also a Rhodes Heart and some lazy daisy. The end result was gorgeous and very stylish - definitely one to stitch again!

And finally a house-warming present for my nephew. Phil, Jane and James moved into their new house on Friday and this morning I finished off a name sign for his bedroom door. It's from a recent issue of Cross Stitch Collection (designed by Lucie Heaton I think), and I stitched it on white 28hpi aida in DMC threads. Unfortunately th colours used mean that J, A, M and E were in one colour scheme and the S was in a slightly different one. Once I'd finished the cross stitch I wasn't sure about it as it didn't seem to hold together very well. I made it into a quilt with some pale green fabric (very close in colour to DMC 772) that I had bought at the show in Harrogate, but still wasn't happy with it once I'd pieced it. I put the wadding behind it then quilted a red (DMC 350)running stitch line between the design and the edge of the evenweave, which introduced more red into the design, which previously was only really on the S - this pulled the design together a lot. I then did a row of blue (DMC 996) running stitch on the green fabric round the edge of the design. Once finished these two lines of stitching made all the difference, and I was far happier with the end result that I had been earlier in the process. When finishing off the tabs, I attached the quilt to a plastic hanger, making it easy to hang - this is another brainwave I am very please with and may well use again.

So those are the finished pieces from the month. I continue with the Elegance design of Charlotte by John Clayton, and of course, a lot of time spent on the secret mission. Last night I also started a new project - this time a commission. It's a picture of jazz musicians silhouetted against a musical stave. Most of the design is in black, but with gold instruments. Needless to say, that much black is already quite boring.... it may take a while to complete with a lot of other projects in between. I will of course, keep you all updated.

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