Monday, 16 May 2011

Jennie Rayment

I did something completely different this weekend. Linda and Aunty Barbara and I spent Saturday and Sunday doing two day-long workshops with Jennie Rayment (the Calico Queen) at the Fat Quarters.

The first day was three blocks from Jennie's new book called Roman Candle, Girandole and Trumpet Cracker. Jennie's technique is different from anything I've tried before, though similar in theory to traditional Cathedral Window Patchwork. The basis of the technique is that a square of fabric, folded on the diagonal, then the raw edges sewn into seams, results in a shape of fabric that can be manipulated and rolled - and the folded edge, being on the bias, will roll into a curve. It was absolutely fascinating to see the blocks come together. I have finished piecing the blocks, but haven't finished rolling and curving yet - here are some photos so far:

This is the Roman Candle (above). The central red area is made up on eight separate pieces and you roll back the edges to create petal shapes, exposing the yellow fabric underneath.

This is Trumpet Cracker (above) and just needs some rolling round the edges.

And this is Girandole, also without much more to do to complete it. I'll post some more photos when they are rolled and finished. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them, so any suggestions would be gratefully received. One of the other ideas for these designs is to do them entirely in calico, which looked very elegant and emphasizes the different textures, rather than the colours. I'd love to try this at some point in the future - along with all of the other projects....

The second day was a class using the same techniques, but creating one large piece:
It uses the same idea of folding a triangle then rolling back the edges. It's fully pieced as you see it above and the third and fourth triangles from the bottom have had their edges rolled (but it doesn't show very well in the photo. I have a better idea of what I'm going to do with this one. Once I've rolled all my edges, I'm going to embroider "Count you Rainbows not you Thunder Stoms" around the edge, the quilt it and make it into a wall hanging.

Last weekend I finally finished my log cabin cutting mat bag: the red centres were two inches square and the strips were 1 and a half inch wide. I stitched 12 blocks for each side of the bag, then pieced them together. I quilted down the seams then lined the bag with calico with a black strip round the top. I then top-stitched round the top of the bag and added handles in the red fabric I'd used for the log cabin centres.


Wendy said...

Your work looks amazing Jennie, very beautiful. I love the wall hanging and can imagine it with embroidered words around it!! And beautiful bag!!

ali khan said...

its really nice designs, thank you jannie, your blog is very interesting and nice, appreciated and keep it up