Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Dresden Roses

Another mug rug - this one went in the post yesterday complete with mug and some choccies and will hopefully arrive before Christmas!

I love the fabrics more and more each time I get them out. The flowery ones are Durham fabrics and Icould be tempted to buy some more and make a quilt.... because I really need more projects....

I drafted the Dresden petals myself then appliqued them on very carefully with the machine. I did the hand embroidery then quilted it on the machine and added the binding.

Most of my Christmas presents are finished (but not wrapped) - I just have a pile of mug rugs and mini-quits, all of which need the binding stitching down by hand!

And today I have to put my sewing machine away for Christmas....

A final photo: Archie loves my Christmas quilt!

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