Wednesday, 6 November 2013

WIP Wednesday [lacking energy]

October was a busy month and I am exhausted! I haven't linked in a while due to illness and then my only WIP last week being tidying my house - incredibly boring but necessary.

This week I've been trying to catch up with some sewing, but all I really want to do is go to bed. This pregnancy thing is hard work!

I've made a few more City Sampler blocks. These are nice and easy because I picked and cut all the fabric months ago in a moment of energy, so it's only a question of piecing and pressing.

Block 61: Vienna: I lived in this beautiful city for 4 months in 2006 as part of my year abroad for University. I went back for a day during a stay in Budapest last year and it was lovely to be back - the Christmas markets were amazing, but my memories of Vienna are of the heat of the summer, swimming in the Danube and enjoying coffee and cake outside cafes while people watching. I did some studying too....

The fabrics are Kona Canary, Kona School Bus and Oval Elements from Art Gallery.

Block 62: Autumn. We went on holiday to the Lake District a few weeks ago and the colours from the trees and the fern and all the other plants I can't identify were stunning.
spot the deliberate mistake....
The fabrics are Kona Chinese Red, Kona Sunflower and a Moda batik.

Block 63: Aunty Barbara and Uncle Gordon. People and places are important. This block is for my Aunty and Uncle-in-law.

The fabrics are Pure Elements from Art Gallery, Kona Peacock, Painters Canvas and a moda Batik.

Block 64: Edinburgh: I studied at the University of Edinburgh for five years - undergrad and masters. I met Michael on my first day in Edinburgh. We got married while we were still studying there. I have so many wonderful memories of this beautiful city that it had to be included in my quilt.

The fabrics are Kona Jungle, Kona Peridot and a Moda fabric....

Block 65: Newcastle: Where I live now. Nearly.

The fabrics are a marbled yellow which I had left from Mum's tablecloth, a Sun Island Batik and Kona Carrot.

And finally block 71: Fireworks: I skipped ahead a little here for this block. Every year on 5th November we celebrate Guy Fawkes nearly blowing up the houses of Parliament. Or maybe we celebrate that his plot was foiled.... anyway - lots of fireworks and unhappy puppies last night.

The fabrics are a Moda batik and Kona Pomegranate.

Have you seen Camille's new Minis? It's got me thinking. When I was on my Swoon kick last year I did the maths for a 6" Swoon block to include in my Farmer's Wife Quilt.
the central green square is just 1.5" finished.
Inspired by this pin and this pin on my colour combos board, I pulled this stack of fabric for a little Swoony mini. I may substitute the Kona butter for light pink - if I can find the right one.

Of course ambition levels and energy levels are somewhat mismatched so there is every chance this fabric stack won't become anything!

But in a moment of misery this afternoon when I failed to find any maternity clothes that would ever fit me (pregnant or not) I did maybe order some fabric.... I finally used the voucher I won for the Fat Quarter shop for the Finish Along, and it seemed silly not to make the most of an order from the US. And then I found a 20% code for Pink Castle Fabrics who have Botanics on pre-order. I guess I'll have to let Michael have the new xbox now!

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Tina Craig said...

Your sampler blocks look great. Yes, Camille's minis are amazing. Everything she does is amazing! Take a nap whenever you feel you need it. Take care of yourself!

Diane-crewe said...

well you seem to be getting plenty of blocks done .. NOW.. put your feet up and sleep xx

Amy said...

I love the colors of your sampler, so bright. My goodness doing a block that finishes 6 inches.. I could not even imagine. great job!