Wednesday, 15 April 2015

WIP Wednesday [by hand]

So we've moved. It all went very much to plan. The removers came on the Saturday and I can without doubt say that the 5 hours between them arriving and them finishing was the most stressful ever. It all seemed to plod along for the first 2 hours and then suddenly it switched up about four gears and as we were removing the last few things from the house, they were already moving in the new belongings - scary!

We spent the rest of the Easter weekend stripping wall-paper and decorating two bedrooms, whilst the builder moved a doorway, closed up a fireplace and built a new fence. We also did a mammoth Ikea shop! Unfortunately a slight mix up means that the plastering is only just happening today, so we'll be in a bit of a rush to finish the painting before the new floor arrives...

And until the new floor arrives on 27th April I can't build my new sewing desk, and I can't unpack my sewing and my machine....though my stash has been unpacked already!

And that means this week's WIP Wednesday is brought to you by hand. I packed a few different projects with me for hand sewing in these few weeks but the past week I've focussed in on just one of them - Patchwork of the Crosses. It's an English paper piecing project which I started this just after Mia was born - this time last year in fact, but it hasn't seen much progress in the last 10 months. Over the past few nights as the pressure of unpacking has slowed (waiting for that floor...) I've made really good progress: Another star... first corner block...

....and a sashing block.

I have fabric cut for nine blocks and all necessary corners and sashing, but I could very easily keep going, as I love the colours and low volume. But I have recently received my Millefiore Quilts book and there is definitely a La Passacaglia quilt in my future. I shouldn't start it whilst this is still in progress, though that has never stopped me in the past!

Of course the reality is that whilst I can't access my sewing machine, all I can actually think of is fantastic new projects I want to start immediately. And can't. So I've also been pulling lots of fabric piles together for various projects, so expect lots of newness when the sewing machine is released!

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Lin said...

Pretty star and I love the sashing. xx

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