Sunday, 4 July 2010

First weekend in July: Memory book and Hardanger

Well, another weekend is nearly over. Last weekend was very busy and I didn't get a lot of sewing done, but a lot of baking....

When I got back on Sunday night, I made a start on the July stitching: I started a kit from Polstitches - Winter Snowflake - which is a hardanger kit. My previous attempts at hardanger have had mixed success. I first tried it about 15 years and had an absolute disaster! I then did a very small piece back in April and had more success.... So this was my first practice piece before embarking on the Ring Pillow for Tasj and Ruben's wedding. I want to get the ring pillow completed by Jen and Geoff's wedding on 24th July, as we probably won't get to Tasj and Ruben's wedding, and it would be far better if we could hand it over in person, rather than entrust it to the British and Dutch postal systems.... I've nearly finished the Polstitches kit now - I did the stitching very quickly and then took a little more time over the cutting: I only cut one thread incorrectly and was able to salvage it with the wrapping. The wrapping is also taking some time because I'm being careful with the tension.

The other project for the weekend was making a start on Jen and Geoff's wedding present: a memory book. I had planned it out before and hadn't been happy with it, so this was my second attempt. I used stamps from Letters Tied with Blue and some brown ink. I planned the book yesterday morning, and embarked upon it yesterday afternoon. By the time I went to bed I had completed 4 of the 12 pages and I was very pleased with them. I am currently half way through the third page.

As soon as these projects are completed I will, of course, post lots of photos!

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