Thursday, 29 July 2010

Memory Book

Well, it has been a month since my last post and I have been very busy. I started off the month working on the memory book for Jen and Geoff as a wedding present. The colour scheme of the wedding was purple and back in March I had bought some lovely purple and green coordinating fabrics from the patchwork shop at the Mill in Barton. The poem I used was one written for the marriage of Jen's great grandparents in the 1880s and has been read at every family wedding since, so it was a very special piece to use. I chose DMC threads to match the colours on the fabrics, calico as the pages and a smal piece of dark purple fabric for some of the pockets, then added Mill Hill beads in white and pinky-purple and some mother-of-pearl buttons in two sizes to complete the memory book. I used stamps from Letters Tied with Blue throughout.

Here's the front cover of the book. The ribbon round the spine was a perfect match to the purples in the fabric and came from the Sewing Box in Morpeth. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to find it.

On the inside of the cover you can see the green fabric with the same patter as the purple, and the diagonal pocket was cut from a different section of the purple fabric used on the fron - it was amazing the change in the pattern over a fat quarter of the fabric.

The dark purple on the left page is a pocket and I attached some beads to the right hand corner.

This was my favourite double page spread, with the matching borders on left and right stamped with stamps from Letters Tied with Blue, and then highlighted with embroidery and beads.

The green heart uses the fabric from the inside cover and is attached with heat and bond, then I did a backstitch round the stamped edge of the design in dark green and then blanket stitch in light green round the very edge.

This is the centre page with one large pocket across the bottom, split with the centre seam. The green fabric is embellished with litte groups of the white beads, that have taken up the colour of the green, and also with a group of buttons.

This was the page that caused me the most problems, as before the buttons it looked quite dull. I was very pleased (and relieved) with the difference the buttons made!

The pockets on this page are made from the two fabrics used for the cover (purple on the outside and green on the inside) and once again show the variety of pattern and colour in one fabric print.

Here's the inside back cover, also with a diagonal pocket

And finally here is the back cover. The photos are printed on cotton that has a backing and goes through a normal ink jet printer (thank you Linda). I had to use heat and bond to attach them and then I did blanket stitch round the edge and embroidered the date

And the best part was: Jen and Geoff were thrilled with it! It was a wonderful success. Thank you to Debbie, at Letters Tied with Blue, for first introducing us to the memory book technique!

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