Sunday, 25 September 2011

Two more Farmer's Wife blocks

I am now up to date with 34 Farmer's Wife blocks:

#7 Birds in the Air was really fiddly, but I'm pleased with the end result (only a couple of blunt points).

#5 Batwing: Not my favourite block - like Buzzards Roost it feels like the shapes don't flow, but I do like the fabric I've used: it's only with the large pieces that you can see the variety of colours in this fabric.
The rest of my weekend so far has been spent on the October Calendar Girls - I'll post them once they are finished, and the Nikki Tinkler Essential Sampler quilt: I've decided on my layout (with some help from Picasa because I don't have anywhere large enough to lay out all the blocks where the dogs wouldn't help me!), and I'm working on hand quilting the central nine blocks, so I can join them all together and have something to show for our next workshop. It's a 25 block quilt in total, so still a long way to go.

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