Sunday, 20 November 2011

When the Farmer met Peggy

I don't normally name things, and my Janome sewing machine never had a name. But yesterday I picked up my new Husqvarna Viking. And she is so pretty that she deserves a name. So my new sewing machine is called Peggy. Here she is quilting my Merry Cushion.

I'm teaching myself to free motion quilt on her: I found some fantastic video here. My first and second attempts were disastrous, then I found the videos above. My third attempt was far far far better. My fourth and fifth attempts were quite good, all things considered. I have now layered up my Animal quilt top and my Countdown to Christmas Sampler quilt and I am ready to practice practice practice.

This afternoon I introduced Peggy to the Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt, with two more blocks: #14 Butterfly at the Cross Roads: I love this batik, but it looks much better in larger areas where you can see the variation between pink, green and blue.

# 26 Country Farm: I love this one. It's so straightforward but really pretty - and I will always love the combination of green and blue.
Today's blocks also mark another milestone: this photo marks the half way point in the blocks:

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