Wednesday, 2 November 2011


So yesterday was a Y-Seams day. Totally unintentionally. I hate Y-Seams - I first did them a year ago as a beginner - I didn't enjoy it and it wasn't particularly successful. So for a year I have ignored their existence and avoided them.Then yesterday it all caught up with me. I got home from work, and instead of doing some hand embroidery as I had planned, the Famer's Wife book was calling to me. And I could not resist temptation...

I opened up my progress chart, closed my eyes and pointed at a block: #100 Weathervane. Lovely. Fabric chosen and cut, patterns traced. Bugger. Y-Seams. Do I abandon the block in favour of something more straightfoward (i.e. any other block) or do I persevere and overcome my demons. In a rare moment of fortitude I went for it. Half way through piecing the first section I saw how I could have avoided Y-Seams entirely with a small tweak to the pattern. Double bugger. Here is my finished block. Despite my dislike of and inability to do Y-Seams I am pretty happy with the results. Of the four seams only one is really bad (and the black farbic hides a multitude of sins), the others aren't perfect but will do just fine. Luckily I love the colour combination I picked. Flicking through the book later I came across block #57 Morning. It's the same block but the centre piece is a different colour. I have made a note that when I do this block, to tweak the pattern and avoid Y-Seams!

After the calamity of the Y-Seams, when the Farmer beckoned me in again tonight, I treated myself to a simpler block. Here is #20 Churn Dash. No prizes for guessing my favourite colour this week.I've also completed another block for my Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt: Amelia Snowball Quilt: Flying Dutchman from the Jelly Roll Sampler Book - so straightforwad after Y-Seams.

I love the hidden star in the middle: I didn't see it to start with, I just saw the flying geese blocks.

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