Saturday, 17 November 2012

Friday Night Sew In: November

I had planned to work on my Mod Pop quilt last night. I did for a bit and I sewed all of the curves. I still haven't pressed them all.

Half way through the evening I took the dogs out for a walk and had a thought....

I love my earrings..... big ones....lots of them (and hats and scarves and shoes but this isn't that blog post). My earrings live on my dressing table in a tin:

As you can see, they are very rarely actually in the tin because I can't find the ones I want. I have a plan for an earring tidy, but for the next two weeks I will be away in Budapest for work (so things may go a bit quiet round here for a while) - so what I needed was some kind of earring travel tidy thingy. By the time I got home with the boys I had a plan. It was a plan that involved fabric I knew my local quilt shop still had in stock in case it went totally wrong! Ambrosia (it's really the leftovers from this quilt).

And just three hours later I had a finished earring tidy.

Look how tidy my dressing table is now.

There are still some teething problems with the pattern, and I want to work on including some embroidery, but once I've worked these through (probably after Christmas), I hope to make the pattern available in case you want to make one of your own!

This was the last thing I made on my machine before it went in for an annual service - I have had her a whole year! As I'm away for two weeks, I won't miss her.... too much. I will be taking some hand sewing with me.

And breaking news I heard this afternoon: my LQS, The Fat Quarters, are going to start stocking ART GALLERY fabrics - like I don't spend enough money there already - now they are going to stock all of my favourite fabrics! Hopefully I'll get lots of vouchers for Christmas :)
Handmade by Heidi


Sue Bone said...

Whilst you're away is a good time to have your machine serviced.

Maria said...

Your earring tidy is a great idea :-)

Anonymous said...

Great FNSI results! Love the earring tidy. :)