Monday, 25 February 2013

I like days off!

Today was a good day! My sewing machine disagrees.

I wanted to spend some time this week free motion quilting. I wanted to finish my Pac Mania Jelly Roll quilt, because someone I know needs it. Two hours of quilting and I had finished a medium sized free motion stipple in all of the background, leaving the Dresden sections unquilted. The binding is ready so this may be a finish tomorrow!

I also wanted to quilt the first two blocks in the Skill Builder BOM.

I made a good start... then my sewing machine decided it was done with free motion quilting for the day and was only going to tangle up. So I turned it off and walked the dogs. I won't show you till it's done, but for now, these are the threads I'm using - I think I need to reconsider the pink...

When I turned the disgraced machine back on after sausage and mash for dinner I decided not to fight it, and to piece instead of quilt. A few weeks back I made a block for my project for the Emerald Challenge - it was Lynne's ET Phone Home block.

The plan (still mostly in my head) requires a second block, so I decided to stick with the foundation piecing theme and picked the Lone Star block from Six White Horses (I've had this on my to do list for some time now). It went together very quickly, and I love it.

Next up the plan in my head has to become an actual finished item. This could take slightly longer!

I like days off - another four to go!

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