Thursday, 13 August 2015

Sidmouth again

It's that time of year again - we've just got home from a fabulous week in Sidmouth. This week holds so many memories for us: it was where Michael proposed, 11 year ago. It was our destination the day after our first scan when I was pregnant with Mia, and was where we shared our news 2 years ago. Last year, Mia's first Sidmouth was a bit different from those of the past and if I'm honest, it was hard work, as Mia suckled all night and wouldn't settle.

But this year, her second, was wonderful. It was still hard work, but now that she's 17 months old, it was absolutely wonderful to see her enjoying the whole experience! She's talking so much and repeating everything we say - occasionally she's even starting to put words together. She's walking and running everywhere and she learned to dance at the ceilidhs in the Anchor Inn.
She does like the quiet book I made her!

Early morning bacon butty stop - it was still far too early

With Granny on the sea-front

With Grandad the Morris Dancer (she wasn't scared of Morris Men this
year, which is just as well, really)

Looking up the good concerts with Dolly

Dancing on the table (thanks Uncle Robin)

She loved watching the waves crash, but wasn't quite as keen when the wind whipped up the waves so much that even on the opposite side of the road, we got splashed. She also loved the seagulls - some one has to. And coronation chicken sandwiches were a huge hit!

We also visited Wrest Park, a stately home near my parents, and she loved running and playing hide and seek


Leanne said...

She is lovely and it sounds like you had a wonderful holiday.

Lin said...

Sounds like a great week in Sidmouth Jennie and some lovely pictures of Mia. xx