Monday, 1 February 2016

January [review]

New year and new energy! January has been good to me! Firstly I had a finish - an actual finish. Of a proper full-sized quilt! It's been a year since I had a full-sized finish! My pixelated heart quilt is on our bed right now! I love it. As does my daughter!

And blocks... I set myself a challenge at the start of the year to make 365 blocks - one per day. For some projects a block is obvious: I made thirty-two blocks in the 365 Challenge (there was a bonus block at the start of the month!), so I'm up to date with that;

I made 22 of the Farmer's Wife blocks below (5 are from December), so I'm still not up to date with these;

And I made the first block in the Zodiac BOM.

Other quilts don't have such well defined "blocks". For the My Small World quilt I'm counting a row of each section as a block: for some blocks this means they are very simple and completed in just a few minutes. For other blocks, like the hand pieced clamshells, or those with applique or lots of foundation pieced elements, it takes considerably longer, so I figure it will average out in the end! Here's the latest photo I have of this project, but weather-dependent, I will have some more up to date photos later this week showing all of January's 15 blocks!

And I finally made a start on the quilt for the new Baby: this quilt is made up of lots and lots of foundation pieced units and I'm counting four units as a block!

The remaining blocks belonged to the pixelated heart quilt, or are English paper pieced blocks I've completed. For the moment counting blocks is turning out to be a really good motivator, getting me sewing and stealing the odd moment here and there on even the most "pregnant" days! And an 85 block total for January means that when I inevitably have to slow down/pause in April, I can do so in the knowledge that I'm still on track.

How was January for you?


Allison said...

That was a very productive month! It sounds as though you've enjoyed what you've achieved without feeling pressured. Baby quilt is coming on nicely ☺

Anthea said...

Oh my goodness Jennie - you blow me away with how much sewing you're doing - is this the patchwork-ers version of 'nesting'??! x

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love your design and colours for the new baby's quilt!