Wednesday, 3 February 2016

WIP Wednesday [My Small World again]

I've been plugging away at this quilt and have made some really progress over the last couple of weeks: parts 1-4 are now complete and work has started on 5 and 6.

This has turned into quite a strange project for me... I love the process of making it - it's proving to be a real workout for my quilty brain - I'm not working from the templates unless there really is no alternative; I'm making up the foundation patterns for certain elements, and I'm working out my own cutting instructions (rather than reading the instructions two or three times to realise that I've just read the cm measurement....) and I'm having a ball! I'm picking out some of my favourite fabrics, and finding some lesser used fabrics I'd forgotten about. But I don't actually love the quilt. It turns out that pure scrappy is just too much for me! But despite this I look forward to working on it, I'm looking forward to quilting it. I just might not have it on display when it is finished. Unless Mia takes a liking to it.

But this learning curve has already informed my decision making when piecing the border for the Pixelated Heart Quilt: rather than piece the coloured squares in random order, I went for rainbow order and I'm chuffed to bits with it!

Linking up with WIP Wednesday, possibly for the last time :(

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Archie the wonder dog said...

It's looking lovely, maybe you'll love it more when it's quilted?