Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Summer is just around the corner

It's May. My favourite month. Suddenly the trees have leaves and blossoms on and it feels like summer is near. But first, how was April? The first half of April was spent waiting for Baby to arrive: I managed to get more sewing done than I had thought I would: I am especially pleased with the progress I made on the #365quilt: I ploughed through blocks having fallen behind, and found that I had enough to piece the quilt up to the first dark border. Of course, the nature of a block-a-day project means I am now ridiculously behind again!

I even had a couple of finishes! I finally finished a cushion cover that had been waiting to be quilted for months and months. This was finished the day I was induced!

I made a pouch for Mia's many hair clips.

I used up some scraps on a Preggosaurus Pouch (it was just how I was feeling that day).

And I finished the yellow and grey quilt - another project that had been sitting round for ever.

Michael went back to work today after his paternity leave, and I feel like it's time to become a human being again.

Whilst I was pregnant, due to lack of energy all round, the house became a bit of a state. With the help of my parents over the weekend and starting with a weekly chore plan, I intend to reclaim the house. I've started with the living room, where I spend most of my time, and I already feel much better about it. And we have new sofas arriving tomorrow! I was told off last week for overdoing it, but in the last few days I've started feeling much, much better!

I have sewing plans too: all of a sudden everyone seems to be pregnant: Between now and Christmas I have at least five baby quilts to make as gifts, and another few, including this one, that I want to make for Mia and Jessica, in addition to everything I've already started and shared here!

And yesterday information was released for the Summer Sampler 2016. I have signed up. Of course. And I even know what fabric I'm going to use: I've been hoarding a fat quarter bundle of Dreamin' Vintage from Art Gallery. I even picked up a backing from the same line when it went on sale, and I have a chunk of Pure Elements in white! #sewmystash2016 The first pattern will be released on 16th May so I have a couple of weeks before I can start.

Here's looking forward to summer!


Lin said...

Your 365 quilt is looking fabulous Jenny. Good luck with keeping up with all the chores! xx

Anthea said...

Jennie girl, you better make sure you look after yourself in amongst all those plans... or else I shall have to get on a plane & straighten you out myself!! (and swoon over your darling new bub while I'm at it!)

Archie the wonder dog said...

Don't forget to sit down with a cup of tea every now and again! Particularly now you've got new settees!