Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Hidden Agenda: The Quiet Side

You may remember towards the end of last year I pieced a quilt top using the Hidden Agenda quilt pattern by Angela Pingle using my Tula Pink fabic stash in what I christened my Rainbowfied Tulafest. You can find my post about that top here.

I was thinking how good the same pattern would look made up entirely in low volume fabrics, but given my 124 (ish) works in progress, I didn't think that The Committee would appreciate another start. Of course, that doesn't normally stop me! Would it be crazy to piece it again in low volume and use it as the quilt back? Yes... but not quite as crazy as reversing the pattern too! But that's what I did! I made the square in square blocks back in November, and then ran out of energy.

I cut the rest of the fabric for the second side over Christmas, but the last few weeks of my pregnancy were spent on the sofa not moving, so it wasn't until after Joshua's birth that I sat back at my machine and finally started piecing it. One quadrant a day during Michael's paternity leave and all of a sudden I had a quilt top!

Next up, basting!

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