Sunday, 28 April 2019

Hexie Shutter Burst Block

I was scrolling through Instagram a few weeks back and happened across some fabulous Tula Pink blocks made by @the_m_a_k_e_r. They were tagged as Hexie Shutter Burst blocks and she had designed them herself. I contacted her to ask if she were planning a pattern and she asked if I fancied pattern testing it for her. Well, yes! The papers arrived from Australia and I pulled out my Zuma fabrics (which I'd lined up for a different project...), and prepped the block immediately.

I love how it turned out. I used the Zuma fabrics with some Tula Pink Designer Solids thrown in (thank you for facilitating, Saira - Olive and Flo have all the colours in and I snaffled a fat quarter bundle).

The pattern is lovely! It's made up of easy to piece sections that come together beautifully at the end. I'm testing a few more blocks and some joining sections and Helen, he designer is hoping to release the pattern later in the year. As for me, I'm planning a double bed quilt all in Zuma!

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