Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Cathedral Window Pouch [A Finish]

And now for the other piece of fabric I had printed by Print Me Pretty. this was another piece of text - my paternal Grandmother's travel diary from 1957 - Devon and Cornwall. The scale of this print is slightly larger than the marmalade recipe from my last post, so the Lola Pouch (pattern by Sotak Handmade) I made for this was considerably bigger - my intention was that it could house the journals themselves as a gift for my Dad for Christmas.

I just love how matter-of-fact my Granny's writing is. The act of putting the car in the ditch is given equal waiting to what they had for tea! If I'd put the car in a ditch I'd never hear the end of it!

For the reverse of the pouch I decided to try my hand at a Cathedral Window panel. This is a technique I haven't done before, but it was something my Granny did a lot of, so it seemed fitting for this pouch. The fabrics are all Quantum by Guicy Guice fabrics, and a Kona cream for the base. It felt like an awful lot of preparation was required, and the technique eats fabric, but once it was all prepared and I just had to roll the edges to create the curves and applique them down, I found myself quite enjoying it! I'm not sure there's a whole quilt of this in my future, but I wouldn't say never ever again! Maybe a cushion?

Again I made the base with the copper pleather - a bit girlier than I had intended but it matches the colouring of the journal well. The pouch is so large and the base quite small in relation, so you can't see it in the pictures I took. Dad was thrilled with it on Christmas morning.

This was on my Q4 Finish Along list, which you can find here.
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