Monday, 30 December 2019

Some smaller makes - tubs and pouches

I've made a few bits and pieces in the last few months which didn't appear on my original list for this quarter, but each had a purpose! I have become particularly fond of the Lola Pouch by Sotak Handmade. As well as using it for the pouch I made as part of the Shindig swap, I've followed the small size in the pattern to make three more Lola Pouches:

The first was made so I could take my clover clips to Retreat in style!

The second is a pencil case, also for me. I used my favourite Pinkerville print with an old pair of jeans. I lined it in the denim as well, as a nice sturdy finish.

And the third was a practice run using some pleather, which I gifted as a Christmas present.

And then I made the larger size pouch, with butterfly fabric and more of the pleather as another gift.

I made a small key pouch in another favourite Pinkerville fabrics too - and used Kam Snaps for the first time!

The other pattern I enjoyed making was the Tub Family pattern by Rosie Taylor. I made one in the largest size on a whim and it now keeps our supply of sweeties safe.

And after getting a substantial number of subtle hints about it, I made a nesting set of three as a Christmas present for my mother-in-law.

There will definitely be more pouches and tubs in the coming months.... further subtle hints have been received!