Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Finish Along Q4 Review

Well I'm pretty pleased with how productive Q4 was - while I in no way finished everything on my list, I did finish quite a lot, and I've started the year really motivated to finish more. So far I've got to 8th January with no new starts! That's an absolute miracle!

So my final finish to report here is the reindeer Christmas tree decoration I made for Joshua. It's made from felt and was self-drafted based on a lot of Pinterest images.

This was my 11th finish of the quarter. Here is a round-up of the others: Preppy the Whale

A Woppet Bucket

I finally finished off the Kittens Around blocks into 2 cushions

The Kinship batik quilt was finished - this surprised even me to be honest

Shark cushion - some epic foundation paper piecing

A Christmas decoration for Mia

And another for Jessica

The special pouch using the special fabric I cryptically mentioned on my original post: a marmalade pouch

And a pouch with the travel journal print and a Cathedral Window panel

And finally the Summer Sampler.

I also made some really good progress on a couple of other projects, especially Fancy Forest and the Tall Tales Quilt. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get Joshua's advent calendar or Santa Sack finished for this Christmas, but it didn't matter in the end - the girls shared theirs with him when it was needed, and he's still a bit too little to notice. And in the post-Christmas sales I picked up a brilliant fabric to make Joshua's Santa Sack just a bit different from the girls. And even though these are Christmassy makes, I'm going to pop them on my Q1 Finish Along list for 2020 so there's no last minute rush next Christmas - don't laugh - it might happen!

You can find my original list here, and I'm linking up with the Finish Along

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DawnyK said...

Well done. A lot of nice finishes. Love that one of them surprised you. Wishing great finishes for 2020 Q1!

Archie the wonder dog said...

What a great quarter you had! Hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms* Now, you got to 8th January without any new starts, have you got to 9th January without any?!!

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