Thursday, 6 August 2020

Mini Series Sew Along

It's a well known fact that Alison Glass designs the best fabrics - turns out she runs pretty good sew alongs too. Last year was the Trinket Sew Along and this year was the Mini Series sew along. I was a bit on the fence to start with... the cost of the patterns was a little high... but in the end I couldn't resist. There were nine patterns sewn over 9 weeks each made up of the tiniest foundation piecing. And in order to complete the sew along, all nine had to be made into finished objects - that was the challenge.

I pieced four of the blocks using a rainbow of fabrics and a black background from speckled which has a copper fleck. These four became canvases for Joshua's bedroom wall.
The flying geese were paired with the Love pattern from @quietplay, released earlier this year to raise money for those affected by the Australian bush fires. I made these into my first Retreat Pouch which was a gift for Linda.
The crossed geese pattern was the block I struggled with the most: I just wasn't sure what to do with it. Until the Zip Around pouch sew-along appeared on my Instagram feed and I realised that this block fitted perfectly at this size. This was my second zip around pouch, and I made it slightly deeper - it holds my phone charger.
(you can see the copper fleck better on this project - it's the same fabric I used on the canvases)

I used the bonus block (diagonal stripes) and the hexagon block to make myself a new Kindle case - there's just something about the combination of orange and pink!

And the final block was the crowning achievement - and the one that attracted the most swear words! The triangle block by itself wasn't too bad... but six of them sewn together in a hexagon was another level. Picking the paper out of the back was painful. But this cushion is possibly my favourite make of the year so far! 

And the backing fabric is perfect and the label was the ultimate finishing touch!

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Danette said...

Wonderful completed projects! I, also, participated in this sew along. I just completed my projects barely in time to upload for the pin. Your pillow seems to glow with all of those lovely fabrics.