Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Zip-around Pouches

 The same weekend that I made the cushions for the kids, I also joined a workshop to make the Zip-Around pouch. It's a pattern I've made before by Bad Banana Patterns, but I didn't need much of an excuse to make it again and I picked up some excellent tips from Tori, who was leading the workshop (@Cloudtori). Basically, if Tori says hand-baste in place, hand-baste it, because it makes life easier and the results better!

I decided two pouches is better than one! So I made a new pouch for my headphones. I make my ziparound pouches deeper than the pattern - for this one I cut each of my side strips 1.5" wide. In hindsight this is perhaps too deep as without any interfacing, they don't hold their shape - perhaps next time I'll add some interfacing?

I love that 90s walkman print - perfect for a pouch for my headphones - it's from Lovely Jubbly fabrics, but I can't remember what it's called (It comes in two colourways too!). The pink is a Kona and the blue inside is from Alison Glass.

And a pouch for Michael (I didn't want him to feel left out when the kids got their cushions!). All the fabrics are by Carolyn Friedlander except the orange binding on the inside which is Kona

And since this weekend, I've also made another pouch in the same fabrics as Michael's for a friend - this time I cut the strips at 1.25" each and I'm pretty sure this is the perfect width for me - It just fits a charger nicely!

I will definitely be making more of these! Here are the two I made at the start of the year and the two I made on the weekend! The black one is the perfect depth!

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