Saturday, 1 October 2011

Farmer's Wife: Week 18

Back again: week 18 means I should have 36 blocks completed. And I do!!! I felt I needed more green....

So two more blocks this week: I started with Block #8 Bouquet. I'm not keen on these picture type blocks (though this is better than the baskets with appliqued handles, which I really don't like). But I tackled it none the less. It's turned out ok, though I wish I had used a greater contract for the "vase" (other parts of the same batik fabric would have been better). But my seams meet and I love the orange, so I am already learning to live with it. I few more hours and I may even like it.

The second one was #11 Broken Dishes. i wasn't looking forward to this one either, but the foundation piecing pattern was amazingly straightforward and I had great success with my points matching. I love the green fabric. I love the block.

And because that takes me to 36 blocks, the Picasa collage function works well, so here are all blocks so far. I've had a play with the colour options for the gaps between - so far, green sashing may be the way forward. But bright pink is also a contender.

I have been working on three other sampler quilts this weekend: I hope to post some more photos off the non-FW projects tomorrow - it would be great if you would pop back then!


Claudia said...

All the blocks together look so fabulous! I like how the black makes the blocks pop. It's going to be a really great quilt.


Memaw and Papa said...

Your blocks are so nice together. Great job with fabric choices. Awesome