Sunday, 23 October 2011

We must be mad.....

I can think of no reason for a sane person to cut out 57 (very small) pieces and sew them back together again to create a block only 6inch square. Insanity is the only reason I can think of! And also that fact that it's soooo pretty! You guessed it - I've been working on the Farmer's Wife Quilt again!

But, if you've ready yesterday morning's post, you'll know I've already done my two for the week. Well, I got seduced. By a very pretty purple batik that wasn't bought for my Farmer.

Regular readers (i.e. Mum) will know that throughout 2011 I've been stitching Calendar Girlies, designed by Debbie from Letters Tied with Blue - 6 a month for 6 special people as a Christmas present. And today I finished the first of the November Calendar Girlies, ready to be posted in time for November. Here she is:

The fabric is a purple batik (that hasn't photographed well) that my Mum helped me chose back in December last year from Threads and Patches because the pattern looked like fireworks, so was perfect for November. Once I had cut all the fabric I needed for my Calendar Girlies, I had just enough left for a Farmer's Wife block. I hadn't intended to stitch it here and now, but it was just sooooo pretty. So I picked a straightforward block that just wanted one fabric: #31 Evening Star. It went together pretty quickly and my points meet. So I'm very please.

Then I thought I'd have a flick through the book before putting tea on - fatal. Next thing I know, I'm picking fabric for another block. I hadn't purposely chosen a block with 57 pieces, but the centre of Block #87 Garden Star, is an Evening Star, so it seemed appropriate. It took me a few hours to complete, but I am so thrilled with it - my points meet! I'm still surprised when this happens :)
Yesterday and this morning were also spent with a needle. First project yesterday was block number 12 of the Mystery Block of the Month from The Fat Quarters - it's the last block after a year - the only mystery left is how we will put them all together - I hope it doesn't use too much more of the green and pink fabrics I've been using, as I have my eye on them for something else! I really like this block and may adapt it to replace one of the Farmer's Wife blocks I'm not keen on.
Then I went onto my Jelly Roll quilt using the Moda Countdown to Christmas fabrics. These blocks are so relaxing (especially after the Farmer) so I may do another non-Christmassy one to go with it - I've bought an Amelia Jelly Roll that keeps looking at me and I keep stroking! I've now done the four blocks I need to before the next class.
And still I kept going: this time last year I bought a Cinderberry Stitches pattern called the Night Before Christmas - it's the first few lines of the famous poem, which I love, surrounded by mice and flowers. Aunty Barbara saw it and said she'd like one. Linda saw it and said the same. I bought it because I like it. That means I have three to make. Needless to say, none of those were ready for Christmas 2010. In July I made a start on the project as it was small and portable for my summer holiday. Yesterday I finished the final embroidery and this afternoon I made up the front of the quilt. I'm not sure how I'll quilt it. At the moment I'm just enjoying looking at it!If you are still with me, thank you! It's been a busy weekend. If you have a few spare minutes, check out all of the other people's blogs who took part in the Friday Night Sew In - there's some really lovely stuff!

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Mrs A said...

Beautiful work, love your colour choices and fabulous blocks!