Saturday, 22 October 2011

Farmer's Wife Friday

I know it's now Saturday, but I did my Week 21 blocks yesterday! For the first time I'm linking up with Friday Night Sew In:
If it's quiet at work, I leave at 3.30 on a Friday - it's only an extra half hour, but it feels like a much longer evening when I do. So I sat down at my machine and did my Farmers Wife Blocks for Week 21! I am still loving this quilt along and seeing what everyone else is doing - check out the Flickr Group. I think it's the variety that keeps it so interesting. So this week, knowing I had a bit of extra time (the magical half an hour) I made a conscious decision to do two harder blocks, so I picked out Wild Geese and Wood Lily. In the end I did Wild Geese and then got distracted by Whirlwind, so did that instead of Wood Lily - I'll put that aside for next week, but I have already chosen the fabrics for it.

So here is #104 Wild Geese: I simplified the background colours to all black then chose a fairly sickly but lovely green and pink combo. I really like this block - it's amazing how changing the colours slightly totally changes the pattern you can see in the block.

And here is my week's distraction piece #103 Whirlwind. The huge amount of one fabric meant I could really show off one of the larger print batiks that I'm using in the quilt.Two totally different colour schemes but I'm sure they'll go together just fine.

I now have two days of stitching ahead, so check back on Sunday evening for an update.

PS. we are just being too cute at the moment:


Jandi said...

I love your blocks!

Anonymous said...

Your farmer's wife blocks turned out great. I like that you are using a darker background colour. It should tie the blocks together beautifully and make the colours really pop.

Cherise said...

Your blocks are awesome! Great job! Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower! Have a Wonderful Day! :