Wednesday, 20 June 2012

June Blocks

I've finished my blocks for Stash Bee for June! I really love this month's colour combo - chartreuse, teal, white and grey.

The idea of the blocks is that we use our stash. Unfortunately I don't actually have any grey in my stash. Or at least I didn't. A bit of internet shopping cured me of this. Don't get me wrong - I love buying fabric at my LQS and actually seeing the fabrics, but I've been buying some randome fabric online recently - just browsing and picking things that look nice. So instead of using up my stash, I am using this bee as an excuse to stash build! This was this month's purchases from Backstitch (the fabrics came beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and tied up with ribbon!).

(I bought some Flea Market Fancy! I've joined that club. And I like it a lot more now I've seen it in the flesh)

As you can see, I have cured my lack of grey! (I didn't think I liked grey - I think I'm changing my mind!)

I also made my next block in the series I'm teaching to some of Linda's friends. We were supposed to have the "stitch and bitch" session yesterday, but due to illness it's been delayed! It's just a straighforward log-cabin block. Somewhere my measurements and or seam allowances were out, and I'm half an inch short, so this may yet change before it makes it to a final quilt (if it ever does).


Cherie said...

Great looking blocks. HaH! Any excuse to stash build is a good one =D

Anonymous said...

Love your blocks and fabrics. SOmetimes it is hard to judge fabric over the internet as I like to look and feel the quality too.

Nic said...

Ooh, I really like the log cabin block. Love the colours and fabric you picked