Friday, 29 June 2012


Two weeks ago my friend, Nastasja, gave birth to a little boy called Noah. Since I found out she was pregnant I've been intending to make a quilt, and once I found out she was expecting a boy, I was able to buy the fabrics. I went for some Robert Kaufmann Flannels and a pattern from a  Fast and Furious quilt-as-you-go book. Except I didn't quilt as I went. I pieced, layered, stippled and bound (in that order). I wasn't sure about the fabrics for a while, and it wasn't until I heard he had been born, that I felt the urge to cut up the fabrics. And yesterday evening I finally  finished stitching down the binding.

I haven't always liked this quilt, but now that it's finished, I happy enough with it.

Now I need to package it up and send it off.

Oh - and after another 6 Raspberry and white chocolate cakes, 6 gingerbread loaves and 6 lemon drizzle cakes, my baking mojo, rare at the best of times, has deserted me. Mum is still at it - she has made 8 coffee and walnut sponges, 7 chocolate sponges and 6 coffee sponges (on top of 8 fruitcakes she made last night)! But the shortbread just aint gonna happen!


Katherine said...

lol all that baking! I love cooking and used to spend an entire day every now and again cooking for the freezer. But only when hubby was home so he could keep the dishes under control for me lol.
I love the quilt you have made for your friends little boy. The fabrics are fantastic and I love the quilting.

aksherry said...

Cute quilt, and after all that baking I think my mojo would be gone too!

Cherie said...

The quilt is adorable! Loving the colour scheme!
Maybe it was just the baking bug and now its out of your system! =D

Quilting In The Cold said...

Lovely quilt! Great for a baby boy. Well done on the baking, I think after all of that I might have lost the will too!

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

I really love Noah's quilt! Great colors and the design is fab!