Sunday, 29 September 2013

Horsley Hall

I have just got back from an amazing weekend retreat! It was organized by Kim and Debbie from our Local Quilt shop. The venue was Horsley Hall in Weardale - it's about an hour's drive away from where I live and the journey is through some beautiful countryside, especially over the moor before dropping down into Weardale. Just a few minutes outside of Stanhope but it felt like the middle of nowhere.

The Hall was gorgeous - this was the great hall where we ate and sewed

and the drawing room, where we cut, pressed and relaxed

There were 23 of us - some I knew, some I didn't - we did nearly as much chatting and laughing as we did sewing!

The project for the weekend was a medallion quilt designed by Kim and Debbie and found in their second book "Shopping Days" which is inspired by nearby Beamish Museum.

I'm using fabrics chosen by my God Mother - it will be a present for her and I want to get it finished before Baby comes. I made really good progress and did the majority of the second pieced border - one more pieced border to go!

Thanks everyone for a fantastic weekend - especially Linda!


Sue Wild said...

What lovely surroundings for sewing. Seems like you had a really good time.

Lorna McMahon said...

Your Medallion quilt is coming along sew nicely, Jennie. I have not made one of those yet! What a sweet gift for your God mother!