Wednesday, 25 September 2013

WIP Wednesday [back ache]

Tomorrow is my 20-week scan. We may get to find out the sex of the baby - though in the words of my consultant, I am "well-padded", so we may not be able to see.... I also have the beginnings of a bump, but to anyone who doesn't actually know me, I still just look fat. :) I have also developed a rather beautiful back ache - I can sit in an armchair or walk around for as long as I want and I'm fine, but my work chair, and unfortunately the chair I sit on when I use my sewing machine, and I am in agony... so I will have to limit sewing machine time (no chance of limiting work time....) - more hand sewing for me!

But the one thing that is helping a lot is a hot water bottle. A few years ago my mother-in-law made me a hot water bottle cover to replace the towel I had been using, but it was starting to look a bit tatty through overuse. I'm going to a sewing retreat at the weekend and I want to take my hot water bottle with me, so a new cover was in order.

Pretty linen blend fabrics.... I spotted these at the weekend and Linda picked them up for me today - I was dreaming about them last night!

Simple patchwork and quilting!

I'll share the finish with you tomorrow.

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a maidenhair fern said...

hmmm, Linen. Sounds divine.