Tuesday, 8 October 2013

City Sampler [58, 59, 60]

I love these little blocks!

Block 58: Baby Quilts - because I seem to be making rather a lot of baby quilts recently!

The fabrics are Kona Sprout, Kona Candy Green, Indian Summer from Art Gallery and Kona Cornflower.

Block 59: Archie and Charlie - for my beautiful doggies (little monsters)!

The fabrics are Kona Peacock and So Stitchy

And block 60: The Danube: I've spent a while this year in a hotel with gorgeous views over the Danube and I lived in Vienna (also on the Danube) for several months back in 2006.

The fabrics are Painters Canvas and Indian Summer by Art Gallery.

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1 comment:

Lin said...

Love the Danube block! The others are great too but that is my favourite!