Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A little embroidery

This weekend we stayed with my parents and went to the wedding of an old school friend. It was one of those wedding invites that didn't come with a gift list. And as I haven't seen this old school friend in quite a few years, and never met her now husband before, I had no idea what to give them. If in doubt, sew something. I can at least be sure that no one else got them the same thing!

I did some pinning, and came across this pin, which linked back to a no-longer-open Etsy shop. I googled a bit and found nothing more except broken links - all I know is that the original design was by someone called Bec Groves. With the printer not working, I ended up redrawing the image I had found. I surprised myself at how well that step went.  I also added in names and date which weren't part of the original.

My finished embroidery is definitely a copy of the pin I found, but with a few personal touches. As well as the names and date, I also did a chunkier leaf border using feathered chain stitch as my base, with some lazy daisy stitches and French knots.

It was also apple-picking weekend! We now have more apples than we know what to do with! About 75 kilos....

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Lin said...

What a lovely, personal gift Jennie. Enjoy all those apples! xx