Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A Dolls House

Last Saturday I went to my first sewing workshop in nearly 9 months! It was wonderful - a full day of uninterrupted sewing! The workshop was to make a small carry along dolls house - perfect for Mia and her little sister (who currently seems quite comfortable where she is, despite a small scare last Thursday - 3 hours monitoring her heartbeat and everyone confirmed she was ok and I didn't need the C-Section that they had mentioned at the start!).

Ahead of the workshop I not only picked out all the fabrics I wanted to use, but I also made a couple of inserts to add to the interior of the dolls house - the options are endless, but I knew we would have limited time on the day to decorate and prettify, so this was the solution. I grabbed my felt stash and made a kitchen, complete with fridge, freezer, sink, pans.... and a flower in the window (added after this photo)! In addition to the photo, is a small oven/cooker unit, with Sunday roast cooking inside! I've included some of Mia's favourite foods in the fridge/freezer: water melon, orange, tomato ketchup...

I also made a Grandfather clock - Mia loves clocks and we have a family clock in the corner of our living room. She also likes Hickory Dickory Dock, so there's a mouse as well.

10am is tea and biscuits time!
In the end we only really had enough time for me to make the doors and windows, and do a few embroidered flowers during the class, as most of the time was dedicated to cutting out and construction.

It was hard work, and I had to work quite fast to achieve my vision, but by the end of the 6 hours I only had the final hand stitching to do, which turned it from something flat, to the 3D. I finished the hand stitching last night, so I can now show you the outside.... the zips double up as drainpipes!

And the inside....

I wish I'd had time to add some detail to the front garden!
So many ideas, so little time!

The plan is that this will be a travel toy, so Mia won't get to see it until we go on our next long journey, which may not be until the summer. I can't wait to see her face!


Lin said...

What a lovely idea Jennie - I am sure Mia will love it. The clock is brilliant and the kitchen a great inspiration. How lovely to go to a workshop - bliss!! xx

Archie the wonder dog said...

What a great idea! Could you go back and embroider some flowers on the grass just through the top layer?