Friday, 26 August 2016

#100Days100Blocks [Blocks1-10]

I've sucessfully got through the first ten days of the #100days100blocks sew along over on Instagram. One of the lovely things about the book is that Tula gives you the opportunity to name the blocks yourself, so that the blocks tell your story. I named the blocks when I first made them to tell my story in 2013. Now in 2016, my story is a bit different, so I've changed the names in some places. So here's my 2016 story:

Block 1: Temptation

I'm always tempted with sew-alongs and blocks of the day/week/month....

Block 2: Ellie-Jo

This one is for my neice - she's just 11 months older than Mia and these girls are "best friends"! I love how these two blocks looks together. They will go into two different quilts, but I'm having to use every ounce of self control not to start a quilt just of this block - wouldn't it look amazing? OK - I gave in. I ordered more of the greys and I'm excited for this one!

Block 3: Rolling

Three weeks ago, on holiday, Jessica rolled over for the first time from her back to her tummy, and just last week, she got the hang of tummy to back. Not quite four months old yet! It's pretty scary how quickly she's growing up!

Block 4: Hebe and Lavender

When I first made this block in 2013 we'd just had our garden cleared and I was planning the plants I wanted: hebe and lavender were top of the list. We've moved house since then, and now have the ultimate low-maintenance garden (fake grass - it's marvellous). But I do have a couple of pots - with hebe and lavender! Still two of my favourites!

Block 5: Rio Olympics

I have loved watching the Olympics - didn't team GB do well. But the stand out of the two weeks was the America gymnasts' floor routines - mind-blowing!

Block 6: Heron Close

Our first home together up until last Easter when we moved into the home Michael grew up in.

Block 7: Bugger's Muddle

I struggled to think of a name for this block as nothing particularly noteworthy happened and my imagination was on holiday.... I happened to mention this to my husband and this was his suggestion of a block name. I quite like it.

Block 8: Melodeon and Whistles

Growing up, there was a lot of music in our family. Dad played the melodeon and I played whistle. It's been a while since I played and I am very rusty!

Block 9: Coproliters

Speaking of the celidh band... the first band Dad played in, until 2003, was called the Goose and Gridiron band. The second band, and the one I played in, was called Coproliters. Coprolite is fossilised dino poo and was mined in the area I grew up in as it had great properties as a fertiliser! The band has changed again since I left, and they now play as Abella.

Block 10: Princess Royal

Staying with my musical and traditional roots, Dad is a Morris Dancer. I spent a lot of evenings with these guys growing up, and they formed a guard of honour when Michael and I got married. Princess Royal is my favourite dance they perform. I still hum the tune from time to time!

This is like "ten things about me" each week! Sorry if it's boring but I'm enjoying it! If you have time, check out the #100days100blocks hashtag on Instagram - there are so many pretty blocks!


claudia said...

I love Tula's book! Your blocks are wonderful!!!
I had started on the blocks from the beginning of the book, just after my dad passed away to attempt to get myself back in the fold. Then two moves happened in a short span of time...1-1/2 years later, I have not picked up the squares yet. Soon, soon. We are now working on getting my sewing room organized, so I can continue my journey with Tula and her book! Thanks for sharing, it gives me the push I need to remember my goal!

Lin said...

This is fun Jennie - great blocks and I love the names you are giving them. xx