Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sidmouth [2016]

It's that time of year again - we take a week out to enjoy some fabulous music and good company - all with very poor phone signal and practially no internet! This year was my 27th festival, Michael's 13th festival (I think), Mia's 3rd festival and Jessica's 1st festival! We spent a week at my parent's house first which was lovely and relaxing before the slightly less relaxing festival week.

We spent a few days in the garden with the paddling pool, we went to the zoo and we just stopped and relaxed and enjoyed spending time together as a family.

Walking like the elephants - trunks holding tails!

Sidmouth festival is slightly more manic - there are something like 60 events each day: concerts, workshops, sessions, children's events, dances... even the most energetic festival goer only gets to a small portion of the events and with two small children in tow we saw relatively few. But what we did see was fantastic: first up the concerts - John McCusker and his band, including Heidi Talbot and Kris Drever; Sharon Shannon and her band - the pianist was mind-blowing; Show of Hands, who played loads of their best songs from the last 25 years; Blazin' Fiddles playing pure Scottish music; Jez Lowe and Bob Fox who play music from the North-East; Le Vent du Nord - a four-piece Quebecois band; and Lynched who play raw Irish music. So many inspiring musicians, so much wonderful music.

Jess was a bit little to really appreciate things, but she smiled along to the music, enjoyed early morning walks with Mummy in the carrier (a bit too early for Mummy) and wriggled lots on the floor and in the gardens where the children's festival took place.
Jess slept through the concerts we took her too - she looks so cute in those ear protectors!
She finished up the week by rolling for the first time at 15 weeks old.

In my defense, this was pre-8am...
Mia really enjoyed the festival this year. She was old enough to go along to the action songs sessions and the messy craft sessions. It would seem she has quite the love of glitter - we are still trying to get it off of everything including ourselves. She walked and walked, and ran and ran. She ate ice-cream, paddled in the sea; played in the park; napped in her pushchair (albeit briefly); ate lots and lots and lots of cake (she will think that holidays just mean cake!); drank lots of cups of tea and enjoyed her first concerts. I also think she grew several inches from the start of the week to the end. It was just wonderful to watch her grow and develop and enjoy herself.

Mia and Daddy took Teddy to the Teddy Bears' Hospital session at the children's festival. He got bandaged up but thankfully felt better by bed time. Unfortunately he must have been contagious, because the next day, Giraffe had to go to have his nose bandaged, front leg put in a sling, and he needed lots of plasters!
There's no denying that a week at a folk festival with two girls under three years old is hard work. Thank god we weren't camping - we rent a house just yards from the main concert venue! We couldn't have managed without Linda's help - this year was her 5th festival, and with the support from my parents. I'm already looking forward to next year!

Jessica and her Grannies

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