Tuesday, 6 June 2017

#1yearofstitches [Week 22]

The weeks just seem to fly by, don't they. And I'm starting to think that my hoop may not last the year - will this be a six-month hoop? I'll let you know in a couple of weeks...

Monday, 29th May: Blue twisted chain stitch - just a short line towards the bottom of the hoop.

Tuesday, 30th May: Tacked Herringbone stitch. This was a new stitch for me and I love it. I started with herringbone stitch in orange, then at each intersection I used yellow thread to do two small tacking stitches in the form of a cross. the end result was fab! It's on the far right of the hoop.

Wednesday, 31st May: Another new stitch: butterfly chain stitch. I did this with dark purple for the "wings" - that is the straight stitches, and then added a pinkier, lighter purple for the wrapping - it's right at the top of the hoop.

Thursday, 1st June: And another new stitch: laid work tacked with cross stitch. Using long stitch I laid out a simple grid, then at each intersection I embroidered a tiny cross stitch. It's right in the bottom right of the hoop in two shades of pink.

Friday, 2nd June: Little purple French knots to fill in the laid work.

Saturday, 3rd June: After some new stitches this week, I reverted to a line of three yellow cross stitches to fill a gap at the top of the hoop.

Sunday 4th June: Another L'Abeille Stitch to add to the column of triangles - this time I used pinky-purple.

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