Monday, 12 June 2017

#1yearofstitches [Week 23]

Another week and I am becoming more and more certain that this will be a 6-month hoop. The space is filling up, and I think I'm ready to move on. So I'm now working on "finishing" it - that may mean it becomes a six-months-and-two-weeks project, but I want to enjoy looking at the hoop once it's done, and not regret not"finishing" it. This week I started filling the gaps.

Monday 5th June: Butterfly chain stitch in yellow and orange at the bottom of the hoop. This was my second time using this stitch and I really like it!

Tuesday, 6th June: zig-zag chain stitch in dark pink, just above the butterfly chain. I found I had to add in some extra stitches to preserve the shape of the zig zag.

Wednesday, 7th June: Scroll stitch was a new one for me - in aqua, just below the butterfly chain.

Thursday, 8th June: Another new stitch was plaited fly stitch - this filled up the bottom box nicely.

Friday, 9th June: So I moved onto the box on the far right. I added a row of open chain stitch in green - this was another new stitch and I found it quite difficult to keep it even.

Saturday, 10th June: I added a column of wheat-ear stitch to the same box, in purple. I first used this stitch right at the beginning of this journey and this was the first time I returned to it since.

Sunday, 11th June: And rounding up the week, but not quite filling up the box, a column of twisted chain stitch.

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