Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Finish Along Q2 [Plans]

You may have heard rumour that my WIP list has hit 100 (and beyond). So in order to avoid serious problems with "The Committee", I'd probably better get it down to the 90 mark again, hadn't I? Let's hope that at least some of this list is achievable this quarter:

The Kittens Quilt: I started this on a whim last quarter, but Jessica has just got a big girl's bed, which needs a big-girl's quilt, so it's quite fortuitous really. It's a finished quilt top and I'm hoping to get it  quilted and bound before Jess's birthday later this week.

Fancy Forest was on my finish along list last quarter, but I lot momentum. I still have quite a long way to go, but the designer, Elizabeth Hartman, recently released first peaks at her latest patterns, and inevitably a few have been added to the list, so I'd better get moving on this.

Awesome Ocean is another Elizabeth Hartman pattern. I made really good progress on this during March and thoroughly enjoyed piecing it, so I need to keep going. There are still a lot of blocks to make, but they are good fun and I'm really enjoying the colour scheme I've picked. This photo is from a couple of weeks ago, and more blocks have joined these since I took it.

And speaking of Elizabeth Hartman patterns, my sister-in-law saw the sloth pattern and made some not-so-subtle hints about her upcoming 30th birthday. I showed her the unicorn in case she preferred it, and now it's a sloths and unicorns quilt. Obviously. In pink and grey...

My Tula Butterfly quilt is languishing. It's another completed top, but I have to confess that the quilting is a bit daunting. I know there's no way I can replicate what Angela Walters did on Tula's original, but I have plans for something a bit more involved than just an all-over stipple. I picked up some Alison Glass Chroma on sale, and it needs some serious man-handling to be pieced into a back big enough, but I think it's do-able. I need to break this down into achievable steps, and then tackle them one at a time, rather than looking at the whole. To be honest, I'll be happy with progress, rather than a finish on this project!

At the start of Quarter 3, the #100days100blocks project will kick off again for the final time. I've had loads of fun with this project over the last couple of year: a block a day for 100 days using the Tula Pink City Sampler book. Last year's quilts are finished, but the year before I made 2 quilts and neither is more than a pile of blocks, so my Neon City quilt is going on the list, and so is the Cuty Sampler in purples for Michael's cousin as a wedding present. They will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary this summer.... whoops.

And the original City Sampler I made when I was pregnant with Mia is still unfinished. This is being held up by over-ambitious quilting. I can't stop now, so I need to make some progress in the same vein in which I started! It'll never get finished if I never get it out of the cupboard. So last Friday I got it out of the cupboard and added some more quilting - I thoroughly enjoyed it but there's still a long way to go.

There are a couple of quilts I promised the girls last year that need to be finished, and which I don't think will take that long (famous last words): firstly a cat quilt for Mia using the Kitten Around pattern by Pen and Paper Patterns. I've made one block, and everything is cut for the remaining three blocks and border. I may need to make this quilt a bit bigger than the original pattern, so I need to put my thinking cap on.

And for Jessica, I started making her a dog quilt, using a foundation pieced pattern from one of the UK magazines. She has since transferred her loyalties from dogs to cats (see project number 1 above), so I'm going to make the one block I did piece into a cushion.

Two projects started last year and fell out of love with need to be finished: the #52weekswith thequiltersplanner blocks were all a bit different and I made 11 blocks at 6". I think a 9-block cushion is the best way forwards, with the two remaining blocks maybe on the back somehow. And I made 9 blocks at 12" which I plan to sash as they are, then piece into a large amount of low volume I already have to hand, and make a lap quilt. Rumour has it that a local quilting shop has a long arm to rent, so I'm thinking I might try and book some time and have a play on this quilt!

I'm adding a fair lot of embroidery to my list this quarter: first up are a couple of hoops for the girls: moon moth and mermaid - if I can find the mermaid printed panel.... if not it'll just be moon moth! And I'm half-way through an embroidery for my husband: "It's Just a Phase" - our constant cry when the kids are being mingers! And finally my Threadfolk embroidered garden, which I enjoy when I pick it up, but don't pick it up enough. I'm ready to enjoy this on my wall (and start the next Threadfolk design I have lined up - it's on the list!) And the final embroidery is a portrait of my wedding bouquet from ten years ago. I'm done some preliminary sketches and I think I know how I want to do it.

Another hoop I would like to make is the narwhal hoop for Mia - I've listed it before but never got to it. I had a fabric pull in the past, but I'm going to change it. I think. I had kind of hooped Mia would forget, but she saw one on Instagram the other day and that is not the case. And I've started a pineapple-themed hoop using curved EPP.

There's some more EPP on the list as well this quarter: The discarded Tula Nova centre shouldn't linger - although it isn't right for my Tula Nova it is very pretty in its own right, so will be a cushion. I'm also planning to hand quilt it, as a dry run for my Tula Nova proper.

Also up is  very very very old EPP project which I rediscovered in the recent tidy up (looking for the missing mermaid) - it's made from Mama Said Sew and I started it in 2013.

Another untouched project is the pieced hexagons I started this time last year as my #mitchelinmantostickman project. The diet didn't last, but there was too much work in these blocks to be a good project. This year the diet is going better - I'm three months in and I've lost over a stone now. And chosen a different way to mark my success. So these three hexies are going to be turned into seven hexies as another cushion. Have I mentioned how much my husband LOVES cushions!

Those three hexies are made from a warm colour-way bundle of Blueberry Park, and they feature in my next project too: my machine-pieced hexy project that I started on a whim in March, originally planning a pillow. I want to make this much bigger - it's just so bright and happy. Not sure how big I'll go, but it would be good if it didn't linger! I'm up to two blocks!

Everyone loves a good zippy pouch. My daughters are no exception. I'm thinking a rabbit for Mia (to match her newly acquired Sylvanian Families) and a cat for Jessica (to match her soon to be acquired Sylvanian Families)! And I want a new pouch too - the Inside Out Pouch by Aneela Hoey - I've picked up some Tula Pink All Stars specifically for this project.

And finally.... Mia started ballet lessons this month and needs a bag for her ballet and tap shoes. I'll leave it a couple of weeks just to make sure she still enjoys it. But she has loved her first two lessons and keeps talking about it.

That makes 26 projects in total - definitely not my longest list ever, but hopefully partially achievable! How many projects are on your list?
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Isisjem said...

lots of pretties on that list!

Lisa in Port Hope said...

I didn't actually count mine..but a lot fewer than you. Here's to many happy hours of sewing.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Good luck! It would be nice to see The List below 100 again! (And kept there!)

P.S. The blog button for the aspen glow thing isn't working and the notice about it being a photobucket photo which isn't something (I forget which) is obscuring a big part of your blog...