Monday, 14 October 2019

Sewing Shindig 2019

Two weeks ago I had just got home from a really fabulous weekend. It was full of laughter, sewing, amazing food, very generous gifts and some of the most amazing people! I spent the weekend in the middle of nowhere near Church Stretton in Shropshire for the Sewing Shindig. Two and a half days of nothing but sewing and eating! It was lovely to meet, or catch up with some of the lovely people I chat to online every day!
Not my photo - Pennie's!
There was the option of taking two classes: I decided not to do the full day class and instead worked on my Fancy Forest Owls - here they are all together - one is a little sheepish - we were talking too much and I had a bit of a whoopsie. But he's so cute, and resulted in such laughter that I couldn't bring myself to unpick him!

I also worked on my Kinship quilt, my penguin parade quilt, my tall tales quilt... on the second day I took part in a brilliant class with @mrs_moog - more on that in another blog post. I saw so many beautiful things made by my fellow shindiggers I would love to make, that The Committee may see a few new starts in the coming weeks. If you are on Instagram then check out #sewingshindig2019 to see some of the amazing sewing that happened.

Not my photo... it might be Pennie's...
There were four swaps over the course of the weekend: something handmade, something edible, something quirky (make your partner laugh for under a fiver), and some haberdashery. You gifted to the same person for all four  over the course of the weekend, but secretly until the final gift (the handmade item) was handed over on the Sunday. Someone else was making for you.

I was very lucky to recieve from Kelly @the_orriginal. She totally got me with a mug instead of edible items (#michelinamntostickman continues), a "Badass" pin, fabric wrapping, small pouches.... ad a fabuous pouch of her own design in lovely Alison Glass fabric.

I was making for Sarah @lavenderbluehandmade. Here's the pouch I made her:

It's an upsized Lola Pouch (pattern by @sotakhandmade): it's the first time I've used this pattern but I love that the zip binding gives you a flash of colour and a touch of class. I will definitely be using this pattern regularly! I embellished it with a Baby Brimfield in Liberty and solids on one side and a hand-embroidered mandala on the other (pattern from Urban Threads). It's then all hand quilted with a denim base. I have to say I was pretty please with it and I think Sarah liked it!

Oh and there's a little hand embroidered zipper pull as well!

See you again next year Shindiggers!


Marly said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend; just what a busy Mum needs!

Emily said...

Looks like an amazing retreat. Love that sheepish owl!!!! Too funny--yes, keep him!