Monday, 31 May 2010

As Promised...

As promised on Saturday morning, here is a final update of the bank holiday weekend. It is now bedtime, and this is the last thing I'm going to do before sleeping.

On the birthday card front, I have not succeeded. Although I have made excellent progress with Aunty Margaret's birthday card, it is, as yet, unfinished. I should get it done this week, as there's not a lot of cross stitch still to go and the backstitch is fairly simple.

That is where failure ends! As already reported, huge progress has been made on the cupcake quilt: it is now fully pieced and tacked to the batting. I have also quilted round four panels in running stitch in DMC 3863 (mid brown). I haven't done any more of it today, and I'm not going to post a photoof it till it is complete. I hope to call in at the shop in Burrandon one night this week to pick up some extra fabric for the binding, if they still have it in stock.

As proven with yesterday's photos, my mobile phone has a snug new home, which I am very pleased with.

Today I needed to take a look at Jane's birthday present, a bag made from Tinkerbell fabric. I found a pattern on line a few weeks ago from another Blog

I made it up then in some brown flowered fabric for me, working on the basis, that if it was a disaster, then I wouldn't have wasted the fabric I had bought specifically for Jane (which is covered in small pictures of Tinkerbell). The first attempt was a huge success, though the end result quite small, and the first time I had ever tried anything like it. So, I got the pattern enlarged to 200% (thanks Linda). And at 4 o'clock this afternoon I made a start. Despite near disaster (again), I cut all the pieces from the Tinkerbell fabric and the lininig fabric and made a start. At 10.30pm I finished it with two silver buttons.

This photo doesn't show it at it's best, because it's dark fabric, but I am thrilled with the end result. I hope Jane will be too. I have a little fabric left over, so mak make a mobile phone case as well - I don't think I'll be using the fabric for a lot else!

Yesterday I mentioned "the next project" and promised more details today. About a month ago, Linda asked if I could put something together as a gift for her neighbours, who are moving. She wanted something with the following words on it "Bless this home with love and laughter". I had had a think, and been inspired by a quilt we had seen at Just Quilting, made up of a patchwork block of 4 inch squares with a small heart appliqued in the centre of each piece. I adapted this, and made a central panel of 16 3inch squares in 5 different fabrics, and I have attached a small heart so the centre of each piece. I've used calicol to create a border 3 inches wide and a sixth fabric to create cornerstones. I have four big buttons that I'll attach in the corners, I'll blanket stitch round the hearts and then running stich to quilt round them as well, then all around the edge I shall embroider the words that Linda requested at the beginning.

Here is a photo of the quilt so far - unfortunately the colours aren't coming out well, but they are greens, brown, a pinky, reddy beige mix and then a deep red for the corner pieces

So, that is the full report of my bank holiday weekend - except that I've just placed an order for all the goodies to do a Hardanger ring cushion for a friends wedding in September.....

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