Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Some more projects from previous years

So, in order to show more designs that I have completed thus far, I have added a slide show (towards the top left of this page). If you click on this it will link through to the album, where you can see the captions attached to the pictures. I'm hoping to add more information here as well, particular which magazines the designs came from and the materials I used. These projects are mostly cards and small projects, so in today's blog I'm going to share with you some of my larger projects:

This is a Margaret Sherry design from an issue of Cross Stitcher. I've stitched it on mottled blue evenweave in DMC threads. It's not often that I stitch something just for me, but I fell in love with these mice. Unfortunately, a lack of urgency, means that I haven't yet finished it off, but I have bought some beautiul mottled blue fabric, so I may make it up into a small quilt.

These tiffany irises came from an old issue of Cross Stitch Crazy. I think it's designed by Maria Diaz. Aunty Barbara cose it as her Christmas present. It's stitched on white 14hpi aida, but is solid cross stitch (25cm by 25cm). The frame came from Ikea (I struggle to find square frames anywhere else.

This heart design came from a 2009 issue of Cross Stitcher. I stitched it on 36hpi linen, which shrunk the design size sufficiently to fit into a standard frame. The fabric count meant that I stitched it in only 1 strand. The design was further complicated by the fact that the dark green sections in the star patterns were to be stitched in blended thread - one strand of blue and one strand of medium green. This wasn't possible when stitching with one strand, so I stitched the first arm of each cross stitch in the dark blue, and the top arm in the green. The effect was suprisingly good and the end result was really good. I stitched this as a Christmas present for Aunty Margaret and Uncle Roy.

This is another design in the same series as the heart above. The original design had no green in it, but I like green, so I added some in. Also, the original design was stitched on a coloured fabric so the white thread stood out more. The green was useful in this sense. I also stitched this on 36hpi linen. This one was stitched as a Christmas present for Aunty Mary and Uncle Bob.

Here are the two hearts together, framed. unfortunately the colour isn't very true to life (a bit yellowy).

Another design from Cross Stitcher: I stitched this one as a Christmas Present for my Husband, Michael. DMC threads on 14hpi aida

Yet another design from Cross Stitcher. Due to the delicate colours it hasn't photographed well. The blue butterfly in the middle is solid cross stitch, then the pink flower and butterflies and the green stem are all done in simple back stitch. Gold beads complete the project. I stitched this for a friends wedding. But, because her mum also cross stitches, I didn't want to do a wedding sampler. The idea was this would be a cushion. The backing you can see in the picture is turquoise linen, that I would have used for making up the cushion. Unfortunately I didn't buy quite enough/underestimated the size of the design. Linda and I solved the problem with a large white frame from Ikea. I wasn't over the moon with the result, an felt I could have done a lot better considering how beautiful the design was. I may well stitch the design again, but be more careful about the finishing.

This design isn't actually a 'large' design, but I really like it. It's a kit from Michael Powell of a Greek Island - my Mum was thrilled with it when I gave it to her for Christmas last year. The design is stitched on 14hpi aida band, in Anchor threads and backed with felt. The tassle came ready made.

Another present for Mum - no particular reason other than it was appropriate for her office. It's another Margaret Sherry design, also from Cross Stitcher, stitched on 28hpi fabric from Polstitched. It stitched in just two grey Anchor threads - surprisingly quick and easy yet very effective.

This is a kit from Heritage Stitchcraft called Three Little Maids. I stitched it in DMC threads on 18hpi ivory aida. This was a present for Linda for last Christmas. I actually started stitching the design in 2007, but finally completed it and mounted it just in time for Christmas.

Another design that I started in 2007 and only just got round to completing. This is a Susan Bates design from Cross Stitch Card Shop. I gave this to Sheila for Christmas last year.

The bathroom sign was from an issue of Cross Stitcher. I changed the colours to green to match the colours in our bathroom. Unfortunately the finishing let me down, and when I get some time, I hope to take it apart and salvage it by making it into a quilt. At the moment, it hangs from the door of our boiler cupboard, waiting for rescue. nevertheless, the design is very good.

Thomas the Tank Engine. This one was for my nephew. I took the design from a DMC chart booklet and I gave it to James for Christmas.

Yet another design from Cross Stitcher: this one was a Christmas present for Uncle Terry.

The Winnie the Pooh birth sampler from Anchor. I stitched it on the 16hpi aida provided with the kit, which was a mistake. The back stitch was very sketchy and there was a lot of splitting of the aida blocks (the Winnie the Pooh designs I have done since I have stitch on 32hpi evenweave/linen and they have been far more successful). It was a birth sampler for Alexander, Kate and Andy's little baby.

Another designs stitched just for me. I can't quite put my finger on what I loved about this design, but I just had to stitch it. The design came from the World of Cross Stitching and I stitched it on 28hpi white evenweavein DMC threads. Once again, I haven't finished this one off, but I have bought a metal hanger for it....


Jacqueline said...

Hi there, I like the pooh birth sampler. I'm thinking if you could share the chart with me?
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Cindy said...

I also have been trying in vain to find the kit for the winnie the pooh birth sampler or at least a copy of the chart. I figure all I can do is ask if you still have the chart and would be willing to share it via email. Thank you.

Bonnie Jaeckle said...

I've been searching everywhere for the Bathroom Sign. I finally realized that the "Cross Stitcher" is a UK publication and I'm from the US. I know I'm asking a lot for you to hunt down the pattern, make a copy and send it to me, but I sure would apprec it if you would be willing. My email is Thank you so much! BJ