Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sunday Update

Well, here's another update. Last night saw a lot of progress on Aunty Margaret's birthday card - still not finished, but a lot closer than before Eurovision.

This morning I started off with the mobile phone case. The first attempt was not entirely successful - the layers of fabric were perhaps a little too much for the sewing machine, and the magnetic closer made the case a funny shape and had too much potential to scratch the screen. However, like England, I snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with the assitance of a large pair of scissors and some rather fiddly hand stitching, I am quite pleased with the result. More by luck than judgement, the case is sufficiently tight to the mobile to mean that I don't need any kind of closing mechanism.

Here's the front. The fabrics are some of the leftovers from the cupcake quilt. (The green strip around the top was the fiddly hand stitching that rescued the project). The blanket stitch is in Anchor thread no. 42.

Here's a picture of the back:

Following this (eventual) success I returned to the cupcake quilt. I quilted round four of the nine panels.
Then back to Aunty Margaret's card (still not finished) and then onto the next project - I will provide you with more details (and possibly some photos) tomorrow.

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