Saturday, 29 May 2010

Bank Holiday Plans

So, it's the verys start of the bank holiday weekend. I want to get a lot done.... so If I post here, what I want to do, I'll come back to you on Monday evening and let you know how I've managed. There are a lot of birthday's coming up in June, and I said to myself at the start of May that I would like to get all of those birthday cards completed by the end of May. So, I have one left. It's already started, and is probably another few hours to complete.....

Last weekend Linda and I went to a patchwork course at Just Quilting in Burradon. We made nine 8inch blocks of crazy patchwork using five different fat quartes. In the centre of each block we appliqued a cupcake using a mixture of the same five fat quarters. I also managed to cut all of the sashing and borders, and draw on the pattern that is embroidered on the border - the cupcake recipe! I also used bondaweb to attach the words "Cup Cake" to the top border. I also cut out key squares in another of the five fat quarters. That filled up the six hour course on Saturday. I spent the Sunday and the Monday blanket stitching round all of the cupcakes and the words on the top border. This weekend I would like to piece the quilt together and make some good progress on quilting round each block and doing the embroidery on the border.

Last week I got a new mobile phone. Unfortunately my exitsing mobile phone case doesn't work with the new phone. Some of the fabric left from the cup cake quilt is perfect, so I hope to make a mobile phone case up - the last one I made only took a few hours, so this is perectly achievable.

And then..... I need to make a birthday present for my sister-in-law, I have some Tinkerbell Fabric and a bag pattern (that still needs enlarging)...

So, I will keep you updated and hopefully have some photos to post by the end of the weekend.

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