Saturday, 2 July 2011

Back in Blighty

I have had a very unquilty week. And as I said in my very quick post on Thursday, I am getting withdrawal symptoms. I spent last weekend with my Mum and Dad. I took the train down on Wednesday after work and Mum and I spent Thursday and Friday baking cakes for the cake stall at the church fete: 48 jumbo cookies, 6 gingerbreads, 8 fruit cakes, 6 lemon drizzle cakes, a slab of chocolate sponge, 4 chcolocate sponges, 4 coffee sponges, 6 coffee and walnut sponges, 2 batches of chcolate brownie, 2 batches of chcolate orange brownies, 4 batches of Shortbread, 100 scones (half fruit and half cheese). In the end we bakes about half of the cake stall and the stall made more money this year than any other year, as did the fete as a whole, so it was all worth it! Needless to say, I didn't have much time to get any stitching in! I did manage to print off the paper piecing patterns for the Farmer's Wife Quilt, but that was all. I also spent a long time talking to my Aunt and Granny who both do embroidery. Aunty Catherine has been doing some white work, so I've pinched the patterns, and I think there is some potential there... but perhaps not in white!

I got back home on Sunday night and spent a few hours desperately searching for my passport.... I was due to flew to Germany for work very early on Monday morning. I finally found my passport, then checked my emails to find that my card had been declined and I had no flights. An hour on the phone and I had flights and had ordered an emergency card.... This was a good start to the week.

The one advantage of the new flights, was that it was a lunchtime departure, much to managers disgust - she was still on the early flight! I got the flight from Newcastle to Charles de Gaulle wihtout issue. Except that once we had finally taxied to the gate I knew that there was no way I would be able to catch the next flight - there just wasn't enough time. For the first time ever I was relieved to see that the second flight had been cancelled!!!! I was booked on to a later flight and finally got to Frankfurt only two hours later than we had originally planned.

I took some embroidery to Germany with me, but had no time to do any. I contented myself with the odd look at the Flickr quilt a long and the Vignette blog. My replacement card finally arrived on Thursday, so luckily I was able to pay for my hotel! But it didn't end there....

I left the office at 3.30 on Friday to get back home. Got the taxi to the airport where I tried to pay with card (I had no cash). The taxi drivers card machine was broken. So we sat there until his colleague arrived and he took my payment. Not a good start.... Got to check in and instead of doing the DIY check in I was sent to the counter - never a good start. My flight from Frankkfurt to Charles de Gaulle was fine, but the flight on to Newcastle had been overbooked, and I didn't have a seat.... so I was eventually rebooked on flights via Amsterdam. I got home an hour later than intended, but at least my suitcase arrived with me (one better than the last time I travelled to Germany). I don't think I want to travel by air anymore.....

So today I plan to do some catch up on my quilting and finally make a start to the Farmer's Wife Quilt. All I need now if my Husband to clear his models and paints off of my quiting table - you go away for a week and he takes over.......

Oh yes - and apologies to those who havent' got their July Calendar Girlies yet - I've been a bit busy..... They'll go in the post on Monday :)

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