Saturday, 16 July 2011

Beautiful Ambrosia

No - not custard!

You know when you just see fabric and think " I just have to have that" and "I have to do something with that straight away". Well, it happened last weekend. I'm busy making my sewing machine cover, when Nicola goes "have you seen the new fabric round the back - I think you'll like it". The fatal mistake was going and having a look, cause she was right. I posted a photo of the fabric on my blog last week. It's Ambrosia from Westminster Fabrics in really summery reds and greens. I added in an extra green and bought six fat quarters. Already a project was in mind.... Linda bought a new book a few weeks back called "Fast Quilts from Fat Quarters" by Barbara Chainey. The idea of the book is that you cut each fat quarter to the same standard cutting pattern that is designed to get the greatest yield from one fat quarter. You then reorganise the pieces into blocks. The design I chose was the first one in the book. It's twelve four-patch blocks made entirely from pieces from the cutting plan. Instead of doing a repeat of two blocks, I picked two others from the design library in the front of the book. Interestingly, despite following instructions, there were not enough of one of the shapes to make the quilt exactly as was in the book, without cutting additional fabric. I worked round this by adapting the blocks to the fabric I had. It took me three hours to cut the fabric and decide which fabric to put where and which blocks to make and then three hours this morning to piece all 12 8inch blocks - that is what I call quick.

Here is the result

I dashed out to the nearest patchwork shop once I'd finished to get some white fabric for the sashing. But in the whole shop she only had two white fabrics, so I shall have to wait till next weekend to continue my project. I also have enough pieces left that I can make key blocks for all the corners. I'm going to use 4inch sashing, so the finished piece shouldn't be too small.

This week I've also started doing the embroidery on the August Calendar Girlies (though I've only actually finished one) and I have completed one more of the Farmer's Wife blocks - this time I went for an easy one - #1 Attic Windows. Maybe I'll make a bit of a move on next week :)

So many projects, so little time! And just in case you havent' noticed - I've finally grasped some photo editing software!

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