Sunday, 3 July 2011

I am a Farmer's Wife

Not literally, obviously - anyone who knows Michael would struggle to picture that. But I have finally started my Farmer's Wife quilt. The background to the quilt is really interesting: in the 1920s, farmers' wives in America were asked if they would like their own daughters to marry a farmer. The book contains some of the responses to that question and 111 6inch patchwork blocks.

Yesterday I completed block 9, "Box", and today I have completed block 26, "Cut Glass Dish". I am foundation piecing (on paper) using a black background and abtoks from my stash. As my stash is not very mature I am using this as an excuse to buy any pretty batiks I see and it will end up a scrappy batiky quilt. I went through my stash yesterda, knowing I had some batiks there, only to find that they are all blues and turquoises. This will keep me going for a few blocks, but I think I'll have to add to this colour palette fairly soon.

So here is block 9, Box. The batik fabric for this block came from a quilt shop in Milton Keynes.

And here is block 26, Cut Glass Dish. This was considerably more complex and I can't say that I am particularly happy with some of the seams - maybe this wil be one that is redone once I am better practiced at foundation piecing. The light turquoise batik came from the same shop in Milton Keynes and the darker blue came from the Fat Quarters.

The darker blue fabric in block 26 above if the remants of the fabrics I've used for the July calendar Girlies as this month's angel is at the beach. I finally finished these yesterday, ready to pack up and send out.

I haven't mentioned my Vignette quilt for a while. I continue to do the embroidery on the first block, and blocks 2 and 3 are pieced. Blocks 4, 5 and 9 came out in the last magazine. I only feel a bit behind - that's the downside of having so many wonderful projects on the go. But I don't think I'll be changing that any time soon :)

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aksherry said...

I just finished my first two blocks tonight. Yours look very pretty!