Sunday, 7 April 2013

Finish Along: Quarter 1 review

A quarter of the way through the year already. Back in January I posted a very ambitious list of things I wanted to achieve.... I didn't do very well in finishing, but I did move some projects along...

she can quilt
Pac Mania: is finished. And I have sent it to it's new home with a friend who has recently lost her husband. There were times when I wasn't sure about this quilt, but once it was completed and washed I was really please with how it had turned out - nice and crinkly. I'm linking this post up for this finish, but you can fid more information here.

My only other finish this quarter was my Pembrokeshire English Paper Piecing mini quilt. This is also now living in its new home with my Mum. You can find all the information about the finish here:

Rhubarb and Custard: Isn't finished. But I have made huge progress in the sashing. This project will go back on the list for Q2.

Steph's Quilt: Isn't finished. But I do have a completed quilt top after about 18 months. We basted it last weekend and it is ready to quilt. This is another project that will go on my Q2 list.

Neon Stained: Isn't finished. It does have a border and is basted ready for quilting.

Purple Crosses: Isn't finished. And hasn't been touched. Maybe next quarter?

Daniela's quilt: Isn't finished. But is now fully pieced and comes in at 116 x 116". This is also basted and ready to be manhandled through my machine for quilting - wish me luck!

Super Mario: Isn't finished. And I don't really have a reason to finish it. If anyone else can give this block a home, then please leave me a message, and I will happily rehome. It's made up of 1/2" squares... and is about 9" x 9".
My phone to show you the scale of the block...

Three Peaks Quilt: Isn't finished. But I did add three borders and buy the backing and this just needs to be basted (which should be far more straightforwards than the others) and then I can quilt it.

I will be spending less time travelling next month, but I'm sure I will be distracted by more starts as well. Hopefully at the end of Q2 I will have better results to report...


Ada Kopitopoulou said...

Wow, you have some projects going on! It would make me nervous to think that I have to finish all those quilts! I only work on one or two things. The quilts all look lovely.

Elita@Busy Needle Quilting said...

Young lady, there is to be no more brow-beating of yourself. You have LOADS to be proud of in your progress! You're an inspiration to many (such as me, self-proclaimed procrastinator) and your work is lovely to boot. So no more pity parties - you're doing great!!

Leanne said...

Your finished projects are wonderful, I love them both, especially the mini with all the embroidery. And your other projects are beautiful and you have made such great progress on them too! Don't give away super mario, it would make such a great lap top or ipad cover for a person who loves the game - a great Christmas present maybe?

CapitolaQuilter said...

I love the color placement you chose for three peaks .