Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bubbles [an unexpected finish]

Not fully unexpected, as this was a quilt on my Finish Along list for this quarter. But really I hadn't planned on finishing it this week, or quite this quickly. It's for a friend from work who has just had a little boy called Caleb. Most people from work come in with their baby after a few weeks/months for everyone to ooo and aaahhh. But she has decided to come in just a week and a half after he was born. Tomorrow....

I started this quilt back in March and got as far as cutting out the circles. I drew round a selection of common household objects: plates and mugs mostly.

In order to avoid raw edges I used a light weight fusible interfacing and placed the fabric and the interfacing right sides together, stitched round on the line I had drawn, trimmed, clipped, slit and turned through. I then finger pressed round the edges, positioned them on the background and then ironed them in place before using a blanket stitch on my machine to applique them. That was last night.

So tonight was quilting. I've managed to break three of the six legs on my quilting table, but it turns out that I have a perfect mug in the cupboard!

 I've admired a lot of quilts recently with pebble quilting, and it seemed like an appropriate pattern for this quilt. But I'm calling it bubble quilting rather than pebble quilting: if you have a pile of pebbles you can't see the edges where they overlap. Where bubbles overlap you can see one behind the other - and I can assure you - my "bubbles" overlap. But as a first attempt all over a quilt (I've done bits on my Skill Builder BOMs) I'm thrilled with how it turned out - and even with the overlaps, it still gives the same texture which I love.

The backing is Love U by Deb Strain for Moda.

Rolled and ready to give to Mum tomorrow! Not bad for a school night!

The background fabric is Kona Lake. The circles are all from my stash: Mama Said Sew (Sweetwater); Summersville (Lu Summers); Noteworthy (Sweetwater); Oh Deer (MoMo); Pearl Bracelets (Lizzie House); apples from Robert Kaufmann; Punctuation (Moda) and some others which I have no idea about. It's quilted with a variegated blue from Aurifil and bound in Kona Tomato. It finishes at 33" x 46".

And this count s as a Finish-Along finish!
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Quilting In The Cold said...

What a fab finish. I love the quilting it is stunning.

Diane-crewe said...

well done ... talk about working to a deadline!

JanuaryT said...

Nicely done!!! Your bubbles look amazing!!! I struggle with mine and need a WHOLE lot more practice ;) great job!

Elita@Busy Needle Quilting said...

That's an awesome finish! I love the whimsical design of the bubbles and the quilting is a great complement to it. Well done!!