Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Swap ready!

Today is the last day to send off our swaps in the Modern She Made Swap round 3 and I made the deadline - I have just got back from the post office! Here is what I sent my partner:

A cushion cover which I totally fell in love with - I hope she likes it as much as I do - I really love that bright, bright pink!

I finished it last week but was holding off sending it because I wanted to make a little something extra. And yesterday inspiration finally struck and I made a cute little needle case using some Melody Miller typewriter print and coordinating bits and pieces from my stash.

There is one more little extra but I can't share it because it would totally give away who my partner was!

Now I just need to wait and see what is heading through my letterbox!

1 comment:

moira said...

thanks again Jennie. I'm currently munching on a packet of skittles and stroking my cushion lovingly :)